We take BODY MASSAGE to another level

Detox your Body while having The Body Massage Healing Experience at a Cellular level. A Salt-Room Massage Detox Therapy, isn’t just a simple Body massage, it provides all the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt that your entire body needs to balance itself in a “Cellular Level”.

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an emerging type of natural therapy in the US.  It is widely popular in European countries, and is gaining popularity in the states.  It is completely natural, drug free, noninvasive, and safe for all ages, including children.

The Halotherapy Body Massage treatment involves relaxing in a room that is ionized with Himalayan Salt, and during the treatment a piece of equipment, called a halo generator, grinds pharmaceutical grade pure salt into fine micro particles, giving them a beneficial negative ion charge, and releases into the salt room.  The salty air delivers the treatment and is what makes halotherapy effective.  The negative ions activate the healing process on a cellular level, helping the body restore itself naturally and effectively. By having a full Body massage in the Salt room, you will have the benefits of the relaxation and deep massage while the Salt charged Ion particles penetrate through your skin Detoxing and Cleansing your body inside and out. “A great experience”

10/14/2017 2016-05-23-21070b74
I was skeptical about salt therapy for my allergies, but I really felt so clear when my session was over. The staff was so courteous, everything was pristine, I really felt this is a legit top-quality establishment. I will definitely be back, it was well worth the cost.   
– Kristy L.

10/16/17  2016-05-23-21070b74
It was a WOW experience for me, I had never enjoyed a Detox Salt Room body massage before, my body feels lighter and I feel healthier, even my skin has a different glow… I felt very safe and recommend it. I will be back for sure.
 – Anna Paula

11/14/17  2016-05-23-21070b74
OMG!!  Awesome, I am a nurse and am truly impressed with this technique! My new favorite place, Staff are amazing, I had Jacob and he did a phenomenal job with my back, the facility is super clean, and beautiful to say the least. I already bought the membership deal, so I can go back more often.
 – Roy G.

11/20/17  2016-05-23-21070b74
My husband and I both had the Experience together… it was not only superb, it was spiritual and unique. We decided to buy the membership, very reasonable! we loved the facility, it is gorgeous, Great job
 – Sofia and Jay G.

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