Oxynergy Facial Treatments

FM-11 PurOxygen B4-50 – 50 min

  • Designed for people under 50, this facial uses natural Power infused cushion foam technology to gently exfoliate the skin, a gentle peeling powder is applied on the skin to address the stressed and tired looking skin. A customized blend of My Serum is infused into the skin with Micro-Current followed by a peel-off mask infused with Hyaluronic acid for Hydration. (Himalayan salt chamber for 10 minutes, optional), face massage with Everlasting pure skin Vitamins. The results are impressive, a more Hydrated, Radiant skin.

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FM-12 PurOxygen 50 + Radio Frequency – 60 min

  • Design for people 50 and older…this facial uses Power infuse cushion foam technology along with Micellar gel to cleanse the skin and for exfoliation, a Detox powder peeling is applied on the skin to remove all dead cells accumulated, and to help close the pores softening the fine lines. A radio Frequency hi-tech machine is used to firm the skin and promote Collage growth, as well as Elastin, A customized blend of My Serum with vitamins, collagen, Hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin with a Micro-Current device for intense Hydration-(Himalayan Salt Chamber for 10 minutes is optional), a Charcoal mask is applied on the skin for 10 minutes, after the mask is removed, we end the treatment with an intense massage with Everlasting cream fine and Growth Factors. The results are amazing! The skin is tighter, firmer and with a beautiful glow.

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FM-13 PurOxygen B-Brighter – 50 min

  • Designed for people of all ages who desire more even toned skin with a brighter and more youthful look. A natural blend of cleansing Oil is gently massaged on to the skin removing all impurities, a Charcoal Brightening powder is applied on the skin exfoliating and clarifying it, followed by an Enzymatic Peel to remove all dead skin. After the Peel is neutralized a Pure Toning Oxygen Mist is infused into the skin with power infuse technology and Micro-current, My serum with multi Vitamins and Hyaluronic acid is massaged in to the skin followed by the everlasting anti-ox hydrating cream. The result is a beautiful, Brighter, healthier and more Hydrated skin.

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